Vote Duane Borchers, Sr.
for West Virginia House of Delegates District #44, Nicholas, Randolph, Upshur and Webster counties
P.O. Box 581
Craigsville, WV 26205


House District 44


I was born on December 24, 1941.

Graduated Redlands High School, Redlands California (1960).

Received AA degree from Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, Washington (1976).

Served in the U.S. Navy as an electronics technician with a rank of ETN2 (E-5)(1960-1964).

Served one year in the West Virginia National Guard as a forward observer.

I am married to the former Loretta Ann Justice of Cottle, West Virginia. Two children, Duane Jr., who drives a 16 wheeler for the Post Office in Hutto, Texas and Christina, mother of two boys. Two step sons, David, who owns a locksmith business in Maryland and Terry who flies Blackhawk helicopters with the U.S. Army Reserve at Fort Hood, Texas. Seven grandchildren David Jr., Michael, Stephanie, Taylor, Jony, Joey and Dallas and a great grandson Alexander.

I worked as a lineman/local manager for General Telephone Co., of Alaska.

Worked for C&P Telephone Co., of West Virginia and AT&T.

I retired from Lucent Technologies in Washington, DC.

My fellow Lucent Technology technicians nominated me and the Lucent Company selected me as "Employee of the Quarter" for Federal Government accounts in June of 1992.

After retirement, I ran a wire crew for Volt Communications.

As a government employee, I ran a wire crew for the Library of Congress.

I am a past Governor of the Moose Lodge, Petersburg, Alaska.

I was President of the Petersburg, Alaska volunteer fire department.

Currently I have a business, the Maryland Silver Company. I sell model ship kits, naval and military books and ship plans.

What I want to accomplish in the state legislature:

1. I want jobs. To get jobs in West Virginia, we need to join with Murray Energyís law suit against President Obamaís Environment Protection Agency (EPA), to cease and desist itís "war on coal." Saving jobs in the coal fields of West Virginia and twenty five other coal producing states, is the same as getting new high paying jobs.

2. I want to sponsor legislation to offer a tax free zone, both State and Federal, to inventors and copyright holders, who make their inventions/copyrights in West Virginia. We now will have an outlet for high-tech jobs for our graduating high school seniors and the unemployed. With the influx of new high tech businesses, we will generate huge returns of taxes from the newly employed, who now have W-2 forms to fill out.

3. U.S. House of Representatives Nich Rahallís 3rd congressional district is ranked 434 out of 435 congressional districts. My God, how can the Democrat party of West Virginia allow this horrible statistic? Is there no shame, when the southern part of West Virginia is so destitute? Again, we need jobs! For Gods sake, let us give tax breaks to inventors and copyright holders, to create the work needed to lift our citizens out of poverty.

4. We need to retrieve the lost money from the U.S. Congress, to continue placing fiber optic cable in every household. We need to place hubs in Charleston and Pittsburgh to terminate the various fiber cable runs. We then need to pass legislation that the National Security Agency (NSA), or any other government agency, cannot tap into these two hubs.
    If our communications are airborne signals, then anybody, NSA, General Motors and even our next door neighbor can intercept our signals. But, if our communications are in fiber optic cable, it is virtually impossible to tap into the signal without being detected. Fiber optic cable communications would be a very minimum requirement for a new business to locate in West Virginia.
    Remember, if you put a signal in the air, ANYBODY can receive that signal. If you put a signal in fiber optic cable, NOBODY can receive that signal except at the terminating end of the cable.

5. Two recently issued education rankings gave very different grades to West Virginia K-12 education.
    West Virginia's K-12 education system came in dead last on the American Legislative Exchange Council's annual report card, released on January 24. However, the Quality Counts report released in early January gave the Mountain State a B- and ranked it ninth in the country.
    To correct dead last or ninth last, I intend to do the following to take recommendations for corrections:
        A. Visit every school and talk with every school principal in my House of Delegates district.
        B. Talk to the teachers in these schools.
        C. Talk to the parents in PTA meetings.
        D. Talk with the teachers union.
        E. Lastly, talk to the School Board of Education.
        And F. Hold a press conference with the teachers union and Board of Education of the findings on how to improve West Virginia from dead last to at least an acceptable upper average. An educated work force is also a requirement for new businesses to relocate to West Virginia.

6. Our schools desperately need blinking yellow lights attached to the 15 mile per hour warning signs placed on our highways. People sometimes do not slow down to the 15 mph speed limit when children are present. Blinking yellow lights will remove all doubt when children are present. This is an immediate must for our school system. I fully intend to accomplish this.

7. West Virginia was left in a lurch when Governor Manchin jumped ship and fled his responsibilities of the governorship, by nominating himself to fill Senator Robert Byrdís vacant seat in the United States Senate. The responsibilities of the vacant office of the Governor was transferred to the President of the Senate, who then wore two hats as President of the Senate and Governor. Until the state ran a very expensive special election for a replacement governor, you and I were then under the control of a king. You cannot have the same person in charge of the Executive branch and the Legislative branch of government at the same time. Really bad things can happen with this kind of power.
    Therefore, I want to sponsor legislation to create the elected office of Lieutenant Governor.

8. Nicholas and Webster counties have eight plus dangerous intersections, that I know of. The West Virginia highways engineer who signed off on the construction of these eight death traps should be fired from his job. I have tried to have corrections made through the Governors office and State Senators office to correct the situation, to no avail. Is there not a citizen in all of West Virginia who can get these intersections repaired?

My Views


On July 4, 1776 the members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia signed the "Declaration of Independence."

I quote from this remarkable document "...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..."

Notice this document did not replace the word "Life" with "abortion" or "death to the little children" or "infanticide."

Now, be it noted that the West Virginia Democrat Senators and Representatives we sent to Washington, one and all, voted yes to the recent healthcare bill. There is not one paragraph, sentence or word in the new healthcare law denying tax payers dollars for abortions. So, to placate anti-abortion Democrats, the White House issued a Presidential Decree of no tax payer funded abortions. But, of course, the states of Michigan and Maryland are gearing up today for tax funded medical abortions, because abortions are not legislated against specifically in the 2,500 page healthcare law. This makes the White House Presidential Degree banning abortion on absolute worthless piece of paper and the President and our West Virginia delegates knew it when the Decree was signed, sealed and delivered. Result...abortion...and the Democrat West Virginia delegation one and all, voted for the healthcare bill knowing full well that the innocent may be summarily put to death.

Little ones, hold up your arms to the God above and God will reach down and pull you up by your blue and pink booties to the heaven above. Your pain will soon be forgotten and your light in the heavens will add to the stars above our heads. Your shining light will be forever.

So much for "...Unalienable Rights..."

God, help us all.

Health Care
Part One

I love it when the White House and the West Virginia Democrats we sent to Washington and Charleston think that I and the American people are really stupid. The Democrats said the new 2,500 page health care bill for $850 billion dollars was "deficit neutral."

"Deficit neutral?" "Deficit neutral" is a Democrat code word for "pull the wool over the stupid American's eyes."

Lets examine why health care will only cost $850 billions of dollars:

1. Half a trillion dollars was taken from Medicare to bring down the cost to $850 billion dollars, For people over 65, your Medicare premium will now be over $100 a month and forget about your social security increases for the next 20 years. "So much for "deficit neutral!"

2. The Democrat congress "forgot" to budget for 16,000 to 50,000 new hires for the Internal Revenue Service to enforce health care. Current I.R.S. employees will also need to be retrained. "So much for "deficit neutral!"

3. The Democrat congress "forgot" to budget for 25+ bureaucracies to oversee health care. "So much for "deficit neutral!"

4. Doctor' s pay was taken from health care and put into the general budget. "So much for "deficit neutral!"

5. Many people will be put into Medicaid. The Medicaid folks will not be totaled in the $850 billion dollar health care bill, as the states will pick up the Medicaid tab. Do you think our West Virginia state taxes will increase significantly to pay for Medicaid? "So much for "deficit neutral !"

The new word "deficit neutral" will be defined by the American College Dictionary as "smile when the white house or congress sticks it to the American people."

Next week we will shrink the 2,500 page, $850 billion dollar "deficit neutral" health care bill to one page and $0 dollars. Oh yes we will.

Health Care
Part Two

The new health care law is 2,500+- pages, dull and long. Let me quote one passage of the health care law, " general ~ Subpart B of part III of subchapter A of chapter 61 of such code is amended..."

This law is totally written in legal voodoo English. The problem is that I only studied common English in school. If I can't read this legal voodoo English language, how are the rest of the citizens of the United States or the current members of Congress, to understand the voodoo in this law?

Let me tell Congress what America wants in health care in common English:

1. I can buy health insurance from any carrier, state or country in the world.
This means competition for my premium dollar. Just watch the costs drop. Currently there are only a few carriers allowed to offer health insurance in West Virginia.

2. Purchase without prejudice, insurance from any insurance company at any time.
This means the insurer cannot refuse anyone insurance.

3. As long as my employer or I pay the premiums, the insurance stays in effect.
This means the insurer cannot drop me for any reason.

4. Fix the malpractice lawsuits, or tort reform.
This means make the suer pay all legal bills if the suer loses the lawsuit. Currently the insurance carrier pays regardless of who wins. Billions of dollars can be saved here.

5. Insurance premiums are tax deductible.
This means people will buy health insurance for the tax deduction and the deduction lowers the cost of health care.

6. Finally, all of us old farts 65 and over have paid taxes all our lives and fought America's wars. The Democrat White house and Democrat Congress robbed us 65ers of our Medicare by stealing 2 trillion dollars out of Medicare in the middle of the night. That 2 trillion dollars is our tax dollars, bought and paid for by us for our health care. Put it back or we take you back.

Six lines of legal law written in common English. Common English that even the Supreme Court can understand.

Now, the end result is that the government stays out of our health insurance all together. Remember how badly the government runs the post office and Amtrak.

We now have one page of health care at zero cost to the citizens of the United States.

from "Letters to the Editor" of the The Webster Echo and The Webster Republican newspapers, April 30, 2014

House bills (HB-2364) and (HB-4588)

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AARP West Virginia is
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White House Criticized for
lack of accuracy

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and the Charleston, WV The Charleston Gazette newspaper, March 21, 2011

Remove two-term limit for sheriff

Cap and Trade
or "West Virginia Ugly"

Cap in "Cap & Trade" means a business has a number of caps or credits of carbon dioxide the business may release into the atmosphere without penalty. If the business releases more carbon dioxide than the business has caps for, than this business will be hit hard with taxes. But, the business can buy caps from other sources that have a surplus of caps to meet the needs of the business in its release of carbon dioxide.

Trade in "Cap & Trade" means there will be a wall street type of market in Chicago where a business can buy and sell caps like stocks. Wall-ah, "Cap and Trade,"

In order for the power company to generate power with West Virginia coal, it must purchase caps from other businesses to cover the power companies excess carbon dioxide emissions. If, however, the power company cannot purchase enough caps, then the carbon dioxide not covered with caps will be taxed by federal, state and local taxes. The dollars used to satisfy the caps and extra federal, state and local taxes will now be passed on to the consumer of the electricity. No sweat to the power company, as you and I will be charged for the extra cost of generating electricity. The 'Tap and Trade' market has no care whatsoever for the consumer, as every trade in the market generates commissions in the traders pockets. Billions of dollars will go into the wallets of the traders and stockholders of this wall street type of trading arrangement.

The added cost of electricity does not stop here. Here is where it gets real ugly - West Virginia coal and coke is used in the furnaces in making steel, aluminum, plastics, etc. As the cost of steel goes up due to "cap and Trade," the extra cost to steel manufacturing is passed along to the auto industry, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, even to Texas belt buckles.

"Cap and Trade" does not end with manufacturing of steel. For instance, the auto manufacturer who receives the steel, will also have to purchase caps for its carbon dioxide emissions. The extra costs of the caps is now passed onto the consumer. But wait, your new automobile engine puts out carbon dioxide, so we will have to pay extra taxes for our gasoline.

American income falls due to the increased cost of electricity, etc. Why buy American products when cheap imports can now be bought with a fraction of the additional cost of American manufactured goods? I can hear the "wush" of American manufacturing jobs going to China. Do you think there will now be a demand for West Virginia coal? Can we hear the "wush' of West Virginia coal coming back to West Virginia for a lack of buyers? Folks, this is ugly, this has now become "West Virginia Ugly."

The House of Representatives has passed "Cap and Trade." This passed bill is now with the U.S. Senate. The Senate has put the House version of "Cap and Trade" on hold. This mens the Senate will not act on the bill, but the Senate can rise the rattlesnake "Cap and Trade" in the middle of the night, like it did with healthcare and let the rattlesnake strike the sleeping public in the throat with passage of "Cap and Trade."

The Environmental protection Agency (EPA) is waiting for the go ahead from the Whim House to implement "Cap and Trade" if the Senate cannot/will not pass "Cap and Trade.@ This is our White House and a non caring, Obama controlled Democrat congress in Washington. Folks, Obama will have his "Cap and Trade."

The West Virginia state government will not do anything about "Cap and Trade." Governor Tomblin, House of Delegates and state Senate have done nothing to study the effects of this ugly bill. Why have they not asked the Congressional Research Service (CRS) to make a thorough study of the costs and effects of "Cap and Trade" for release to the American public? Is it because they are Democrats and follow party dictates? They are the real "West Virginia Ugly!"

West Virginia "Cap & Trade"
Part One

We all know the evils of Obama's "Cap & Trade" legislation before the Senate. Senator Rockefeller remarked sometime ago that he should study "Cap & Trade." It is totally outrageous that this senator elected to supposedly represent the people of West Virginia, instead represent the dictates of the Democratic party in Washington. This senator should vote NO automatically, no questions asked, absolutely and unequivocally against "Cap & Trade."

Remember that two years ago in the Democratic primary for president, we the people of West Virginia voted overwhelmingly, 6 to 1 for Hillary Clinton. Our superdelegates overrode West Virginia' s vote by voting for Obama. Superdelegate Byrd - Obama. Superdelegate Rockefeller - Obama. Superdelegate Mollohan - Obama. Superdelegate Rahall - Obama. Superdelegate Manchin - no vote. Governor Manchin did not want to buck the Democratic leadership and did not want to buck the voters, so he cast no vote. He could have swung the vote for Hillery, but no, his inaction guaranteed Obama on the Democratic ticket for president and the rest is history. We can thank these five men for putting Obama in the White House and "Cap & Trade" on the menu.

We now have a president and Democrat controlled Senate and House of Representatives which will implement "Cap & Trade" on America. West Virginia coal is now all but gone...phuf. Thank you Rockefeller, Mollohan, Rahall and Manchin for your lack of West Virginia service.

The West Virginia Democrat controlled legislature will not try to nullify "Cap & Trade." So, we will offer proposals next week to try to mollify the effects of "Cap & Trade" in part 2 of this series.

West Virginia "Cap & Trade"
Part Two

With "Cap & Trade" knocking on the door, the coal mines will not be needed as much anymore and the miners will be in the dreaded unemployment line. Nick Rahall's 3rd Congressional District is second from the bottom in income of 435 Congressional Districts and he just don't know what to do or he is incapable of improving the wealth of his counties. The governor, West Virginia House of Delegates and state Senate seem oblivious to the problems of the people of Rahall's district and just ignores Rahall's difficulties, which seem to go on year after year, without signs of positive improvements for the forcible future.

With coal mining going the way of the horse and buggy, Webster and Nicholas Counties, which are a part of the 3rd Congressional District, need an alternate means of income. We have a triangle of small cities: Webster Springs to Cowen to Camden-on-Gauley to Craigsville to Richwood. Here is what I propose for this triangle of small cities of Webster and Nicholas Counties:

1. Make the area a tax free zone for inventors and copyright holders. These are creative people who can maximize their profits with manufacturing their inventions and copyrights and they will create a multitude of new jobs for our children and husbands.

2. Improve and widen West Virginia route 82 between Big Ditch Lake and route 19/Birch River. This opens up access to Webster Springs and Cowen for bringing in raw material and taking away finished products. Route 82 opens up the way to a four lane highway for access to the rest of the United States.

3. Improve and widen West Virginia route 55 between Calvin and route 19/Muddlety. This opens up access to Richwood, Craigsville and Camden-on-Gauley for bringing in raw material and taking away finished products.

I know, I know, giving a tax break to a small business goes against the grain of the "tax and spend" Democrat controlled government in West Virginia. But, the Democrats of West Virginia are going along with Obama's "Cap & Trade" to save the entire world from global warming and this will cause all of us in West Virginia to starve to death. Personally, I would rather my family and neighbors to prosper.